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Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which is Better for Your Business?

facebook ads

Overview of Google ads VS Facebook ads

In today’s digital landscape, it is essential for every business to advertise online to reach more audience and drive conversion. There are two mostly used platforms for this space i.e., Google ads and Facebook ads. They both offers powerful tools to create advertisement campaigns for targeted audience, both have their own advantages and applications. It is difficult to decide that which platform should we choose for the advertising, for deciding this the factors are your business goals, target audience, budget and the nature of product and services.

Understanding Google Ads

Google ads are also known as AdWords, it is a pay per click advertising platform shows ads based on users search queries and browsing behaviour. Google advertising will be appear in the google search engine result page, YouTube and other websites in the google display network. 

Advantages of Google Ads

Intent driven audience

Advertise on google will helps to target the users who are actively searching for the specific product and services. The high intent audience is likely to be convert as they are searching for the solution already.

Extensive reach

The google processor have searches over 3.5 million per day, offering an amazing opportunity to reach more potential audience.

Measurable result

Google ad account provides the detailed analytics, understanding users behaviour, allowing businesses to track the performance of the ads which have posted, optimize campaign for better ROI.


This platform support various formats of ads, including text, display, video ads, shopping and provides different marketing goals and strategies.

Disadvantages of Google ads


Google ads cost can be quite high because of competitive industries, high competition for keywords.


Making ads on google can be complex process because it requires perfect to be shown on search engine result page. It often requires steep learning curve or the assistant of a specialist.

Understanding Facebook ads

google ads

Facebook ads operates on a different platforms, leveraging the social media network vast user data to deliver highly targeted advertisement. These ads are runs through Facebook advertising platforms. Facebook ads are more affordable for running your ads on social media platforms. These ads appears on Facebook, Instagram, messenger and other platforms which can help to connect with the audience.

Advantages of Facebook ads

Detailed targeting

Facebook ads manager allows accurate targeting on the basis of demographics, behaviours, interests, and life event. This commonness ensures that your ads reach to the targeted audience.


Facebook ads are designed to be engaging, which encourages the audience to like, comment, share and also increases online brand visibility and interactions.

Visual appeal

This platforms supports all the visual elements like images, videos, animation, stories and carousel ads, all these elements are more engaging and test based ads.

Cost effective

Facebook ads cost are more affordable than google ads cost, particularly to reach more target audience with affordable budget.

Disadvantages of Facebook ads

Lower intent

Generally users are using Facebook for searching products and services which can result in low conversion rates as compare to Google.

Ads fatigue

Users might get frustrated seeing lots of ads which can result to low engagement over time.

Choosing the right platform for your business – Google Ads Or Facebook Ads

Factor considering in Google ads vs Facebook ads, which are as follows :

Business goal

If your business goal is to bring more sales and capture leads from users who are actively searching for your offerings then google ads are more suitable. If you want to bring brand awareness, audience engagement and top of funnel marketing then Facebook ads might an good option.

Target audience

For choosing the best platform for your business, first identify your target audience, on which platform they are mostly indulge in. If they are more in social media then Facebook ads might be an suitable option. But if they are using search engines to solve their queries then Google ads are the better choice.


Firstly decide your advertising budget for the business. Comparing both Facebook ads can be more cost effective way to reach more audience, on the other hand google ads might be quiet costly because of competitive keywords.

Ads format

Consider the ads format which is suitable for your content. If it relies on heavy visual content then Facebook ads are preferable, whereas for text based ads and keyword targeting is the better choice.

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